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e-Awakening is a husband and wife team.  Click below to see what we’re all about.

Environmental Music Videos

Dan’s First Album

Music is a universal language.  For centuries  there have been troubadours and folk singers telling the stories of the times with their music.

We are debuting the first album of  original songs written and performed by 

Daniel C, the Musician for the Environment.  The album has 12 + 2 songs

You will be able to view the songs individually or as the entire album.

Our Newest Music Video is Here !!!!

Bay Circuit Trail and the Environment

The Library Presentation

Click above to see the Presentation that we have brought to over 40 Libraries over the last three years.  If you weren't able to join us at one of libraries, you can see the presentation now ......... So Come On Along and Join the Adventure Crew on the Bay Circuit Trail

Dan & Zack Page

Two Video Stories

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For A Walk With Ed

Natural rock formations are wonders to behold.  Abington Massachusetts is where Lady Abington was found.  Like New Hampshire's Man in the Mountain, Lady Abington was appreciated by all who saw her.  The Man in the Mountain     is gone because of natural rock erosion.  Lady Abington has a much sadder story.  It happened many years ago.  This song is dedicated to her and all the other natural wonders who have suffered similar fates.




We want to take you back 12 years and share the first video we posted on our website. From our Video Archive, this is Evan's Story. He's an amazing young man who at a young age knew the importance of the environment and followed through on his idea.  He had the support of his family and together they made a backyard environmentalists dream come true.

"Evan's Story"


This video story spotlights two young men  who are working together with the town of Andover to build a new trail.  They're showing us how current technology programs are being utilized in the process of trail creation. We hope you are as inspired by them as we are.  Their enthusiasm for this project and their hope that more people will have access to nature is great to see.

Trail Building in Andover

"Lady Abington"