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e-Awakening is a husband and wife team.  Click below to see what we’re all about.

Environmental Music Videos

Dan’s First Album

Music is a universal language.  For centuries  there have been troubadours and folk singers telling the stories of the times with their music.

We are debuting the first album of  original songs written and performed by 

Daniel C, the Musician for the Environment.  The album has 12 + 2 songs

You will be able to view the songs individually or as the entire album.

Our Archive Video is Being Featured !!!!

Two Video Stories

Click Above

For A Walk With Ed

Gateways to Nature

Bay Circuit Trail and

the Environment

Library Presentation

Click to see the Presentation that we have brought to over 40 Libraries over the last three years.  If you weren't able to join us at one of libraries, you can see the presentation now ......... So Come On Along and Join the Adventure Crew on the Bay Circuit Trail

Protecting and Saving forests, farms, the open spaces in our towns is what Local Gateways to Nature is all about.  It's about what we have and can protect right in our own backyards. Check this page out and see what people are doing to preserve our open spaces.

Preserving Our Open Land is Our Gateway to Nature

Our First Album


Click above to see what we are doing to turn our backyard into a Wildlife Sanctuary for our furry and feathered friends. This is something we all can do. We hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do at your home.

Backyard Sanctuary

"Boxford &  Land Protection "

Land Preservation and Protection is one of the most important things we can do.  e-Awakening.com shines a spotlight on people and groups that are doing positive things to help the environment.  This is a  video  from our archives.  We met some very environmentally active people in the town of Boxford, MA.  This is a truly inspiring story of what can be done when we work together.

"Feeding the Wildlife

in our Backyards"

We are fortunate in having a large backyard and one of our greatest pleasures is feeding our feathered and furry friends. In this story you will see what happened when we discovered a dead blue jay in our yard. We will show you who we contacted and what information we got.  It's so important to help the birds and animals.  It's not easy for them with all the development that is continually shrinking their natural habitat. We get a lot of joy sharing our backyard with our wildlife friends.  They need our help and bring us so much happiness in return.


"Holbrook Friends of Conservation "


Holbrook Massachusetts has people dedicated to conserving their forested areas.  In this piece, we want to introduce you to some members of the Holbrook Friends of Conservation.  We'll hear first hand from them about what they are doing, plan to do and why it's so important.  Other towns have formed Friends of Conservation groups too. If your town has one, you can join and if there isn't one, you can get one going. Frequently, we have been asked "what can I do, I'm just one person".  Becoming a part of Friends of Conservation is a great place to start.