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e-Awakening is a husband and wife team.  Click below to see what we’re all about.

Environmental Music Videos

Dan’s First Album

Music is a universal language.  For centuries  there have been troubadours and folk singers telling the stories of the times with their music.

We are debuting the first album of  original songs written and performed by 

Daniel C, the Musician for the Environment.  The album has 12 + 2 songs

You will be able to view the songs individually or as the entire album.

Our Video Story is Here !!!!

Bay Circuit Trail and the Environment

The Library Presentation

Click above to see the Presentation that we have brought to over 40 Libraries over the last three years.  If you weren't able to join us at one of libraries, you can see the presentation now ......... So Come On Along and Join the Adventure Crew on the Bay Circuit Trail

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A Music Album    &   A Music Video

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" Ramblin' "

Quite a few years ago, we met Jim Dombrowski and did this story with him at the Griffin Dairy property.  This story is as important today as when we first did it  Jim talks eloquently about how important these natural areas are, and why we need to work together to save them.  Undeveloped land is rapidly shrinking and when it's gone, it's gone forever which is why it's imperative to do everything we can now.

Music comes from the heart and this song fits that description.  This is special. It was done in collaboration with a pair of very talented muscians, Zack and David Petti known as BRUVS.  Dan has collaborated with Zack on other songs. Zack does a spectacular job producing music giving it the final polish that brings it to life.  For Ramblin' Dave was on drums, you can feel his love of music with his expert drumming.

Even though Ramblin' lyrics are personal from Dan, the heart of the song is shared by many.  Ramblin' On.........

The First Album from Dan Brielmann and Zack Petti is Here!!

We are excited to be launching the very first album that Dan and Zack worked on

together.  Zack is a talented musician, singer and producer giving each song its final polish. Music has been a thread throughout Dan's life. While all the lyrics Dan writes are personal to him, the heart of the song is universally shared. Dan and Zack have uniquely blended their talents. There are six songs on this album. This is just the first album from these two musicians. We'll be watching for more collaborations from Dan and Zack.

Take a break, sit back and enjoy the music!!!!!!

" Preserving Natural Areas"