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Music Video

Music Video

Music Video

Music is and always has been a huge part of my life and who I am.  Nature and the Environment is the focus of most of my music.  I write and record my own original music for all the videos we produce for the website.  This page has music I composed and performed  in 2020.


                                                                                  Daniel C......The Musician for the Environment

"Epoch Jam" is a musical trilogy.  Three individual unique songs musically related uniting one concept.

Nature is the theme.

We need to open our eyes and our hearts and hear nature's plea to all of us.

"Epoch Jam" is some of what I hear.  I want to share that with you now.


November 3 2020 is Crossroad Day. The day we cross from despairing WAS to HOPE of now.  The only way we will cross the road from hateful division to HOPEFUL UNITY is to vote. You can do this by mail, by early voting, by dropping off your mail-in ballot or voting in person. The important thing is to VOTE.  The only way we can make a change is to make sure our voices are heard by VOTING ON NOVEMBER 3rd.

Here is my latest Music Video


For most of my life I've been on a musical journey.  Through all the adventures, twists and turns my music has taken me on, I've had one constant companion and that is ....... .....My Six String Guitar.  

This song is a tribute to my journey discovering who I am musically and to all other musicians who have been on their own journeys.  No matter what your journey is.... this song is for you.

"Ridin' my 6 String"