Dan and Zack

Dan's original words and music in songs he has collaborated with Zack Petti on. You can hear our songs by clicking on the link below.


Back to the Land - A Music Video

"Back to the Land"

Dan Brielmann and Zack Petti perform "Back to the Land" a song they worked on together.  It was for one of the PGWSA shows.

Zack Petti

Zack Petti is one of the most talented, dedicated musician/producers that I have had the privlege of knowing, working with and calling a friend.  We have worked on a number of songs and he has brought a fullness to the music that we collaborated on. At times he's added bass, drums and vocals.  Zack listens which makes him a great collaborator.  He is the "Go To Person" for all your musical needs.

Music is and always has been a huge part of my life and who I am.  It is the same for Zack.  Zack started early with the guitar and music has been a major part of his life and work since then.  Working with him is great ..... you can feel his love of music.  Zack puts everything into the music he does with is brother,David, in their group "The Bruvs".  He puts that same intensity into the projects he produces for other musicians.     I am honored to work with Zack and share this page with our collaborations.

For "Playin" Dan is working  with Zack Petti .  They have collaborated before and this is the most recent piece they have done.

They see music as pure joy to share.



Check out Zack's website. The ROOM is where he does most of his music magic for himself and for musicians and bands that he works with.

Click on the web address below to find out more.


Zack and David Petti performing together

Our Newest Song

Now is the time!  We are at the Turning Point. I wrote this song a few years ago and this is the version that Zack Petti worked on with me. In this music video we're shining a spotlight on those enviromental heroes that gathered together for the first climate march on September 21, 2014 .......... Now is the time to continue what was started that day.  

We are at The Turning Point!!

"The Turning Point"

Music Video

Music Video

Music Video