Ed Burr

At e-Awakening we feel that video is a great medium to get your message out, show accomplishments and to give visual expression to your ideas.  On this page we want to share with you some projects we have worked on with Ed Burr.  We want to help you connect with Ed so you can see other projects he's working on.

Eastern White Pine

Ed is a mainly self-taught naturalist with extensive knowledge on the medicinal and edible properties of wild plants that he wants to share with as many people as possible. Ed offers a variety of programs including nature walks, classes and is available to do custom presentations for groups and organizations.  

We're excited to bring you our newest video and to introduce you to an environmental hero.  We'd like you to meet Ed Burr.  He's made a life-career focusing on his love of the wilderness that is right around us. You'll be amazed at his knowledge of wild plants.  Ed has a way of making learning fun and interesting.

So let's take.......... A Walk With Ed.

Click above and check out Ed's website

"Birch Polypore Fungus"

We want to shine a spotlight on Ed Burr. He loves nature and sharing what he has learned with others. Ed knows so much about the wild plants that are right here in our area. He has spent his life learning about the trees, plants and  fungi that grow in the wild.  He also talks about the medicinal uses of the plants.  Ed truly makes learning a fun adventure.