There are so many websites, so many information outlets.  We are constantly bombarded with information and so much of it is negative.

This is an eclectic page that has its focus on the positive.  People can be divided into two categories: those that see things and life as a glass half-full or a glass half-empty.  I tend (most of the time) to be in the half-full group.

That doesn't mean that I have my head buried in the sand and that I'm not aware of the problems around us, but.........I believe that if there were more positive than negative we just might start doing and seeing things that way.

Mainly Mera

Everyone has stress and gets down. It's important to find outlets that let you relax.  For everyone it's something different, for me the absolute best thing is a good jigsaw puzzle.  When I'm doing a puzzle the only thing I have to think about is looking for one piece of the puzzle and after a while I feel the problems or stresses falling by the wayside.

So next time you're feeling pressure or stress give it a try.  It might not be a jigsaw puzzle for you; it might be gardening, reading, crossword puzzles or something else and you might be surprised at how much it helps.

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This is the debut of a new page on the e-Awakening.com website.  There will be a variety of things ..... some of this and some of that.  I hope you'll learn some things, get some ideas and just have some fun.

Click above to see our first video with an idea of what to do with some extra peppers from your garden