The videos below are samples of our work showcasing the stories that we have enjoyed producing.

Hingham High School

Slash the Trash

Timeless Love

See What e-Awakening is all about

Slash the Trash

  In this video you will see Hingham High Students Slashing the Trash. Meet the students and the Assistant Principal and learn what they are doing everyday to help the environment.

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Timeless Love

We set out to do a story about a creative and imaginative woodworker never dreaming it would turn out to have a deeper meaning. Click and see how we inspire each other.

Haseotes MassWildlife Greenway

Haseotes MassWildlife Trail

  In this video you will see what can happen when two groups come together having fun working on a project. Take a look at this great place in West Bridgewater

We live in a country that is made up of many cultures but many don't know a lot about the people who have been here the longest. At the Pow-wow at Plug Pond that I attended in 2019, I met a lot of Native Americans who were happy to share their history and culture with all who attended. The Pow-wow is an exciting, interactive experience that's great for all ages.

2019 Pow-wow at Plug Pond

"Finger Weaving"

Native Americans have lived in this land longer than any other group of people. Yet, we don't know much about their culture and traditions. Dan learned a lot when he attended the Pow-wow at Plug Pond in 2019. Native Americans are spectacular artists, working on crafts that have been handed down through the generations.  Marlene Lopez is one of these artisans. She's going to show us what finger weaving is all about and the weavings ceremonial connections.