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Thoughts from Dan at the end of the hike

    Now that the hike is over and the first version of the documentary “THe Mountain Song” is a reality.  I find it’s a time to reflect.

    I knew at the very end that it was really just the beginning of the Conversation.

    What will the children in seven generations say about us?  Will we have preserved nature and protected our resources for them?

    I think that after all, it’s the Native Americans that said it best.

    “We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

        Dan Brielmann

The AMC has a Hut System in the White Mountains.  I was fortunate to meet some wonderful people and enjoy some true mountain hospitality. 

The Documentary

is ready for your viewing.

Dan has completed the physical hike, documenting and doing interviews all along the way. He has shared the segments with you over the past few months.  Now he has the completed documentary ready for you. Dan did the hike and all the interviews to bring attention to and start the conversation about “the preservation of nature and the protection of resources”

Just click on the photo above to join the hike and the conversation.