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Progress Update on the
Bay Circuit Trail Hike

    Marilyn and I are really excited to continue to share with you the Adventure of our Bay Circuit Trail Hike Series.

    The hike is completed and all of the hikes are available for viewing. 

    Now we are sharing the experience through presentations that we are doing in Libraries along the trail.  If you are interested in having us do a presentation at your Library, please contact us.

    We have met some really great role models, leaders in our communities for conservation, land protection and environmental stewardship.

    The real goal of this adventure is not to hike the whole Bay Circuit Trail but to learn about and communicate the connections we all share and benefit from.  Understanding how we’re all part of this really big picture ..... a movement toward sustainability, preservation of nature and the protection of resources.  This is not only for the future of the human race but for all the life here on Mother Earth.

    May we find beauty, compassion and spirit on our individual journeys which is really one journey that we are all taking together.

Dan Brielmann