Dan feeds hungry Wild Turkeys

Monday, January 29, 2024 2:45 PM


    I was born with the name Daniel. This was the name used when I was in trouble. And I was in trouble a lot. This is a story of my life and the ideas I stand for...from my memories as a septuagenarian.     I hope I have a few more years to accomplish my goal, but my battle with breast cancer will decide that for me. Never suspecting what the Koolade was covering up at Camp Lejeune we drank water that is said to be the most contaminatied in the history of the US. Benzene, medical waste, PCB’s and dry cleaning chemicals were dumped in the water that fed the well that fed us. Marines that would long into the future develop many cancers and diseases due to our environment…

     Thanks to the Greene Cancer Center in Brockton Massachusetts for keeping me alive. Although Chemo has made my life much different than I had planned I will continue my lifes work as long as I can.

     Our goal at e-Awakening.com is to promote the environment and all of creation. To Love the Earth! With each entry I plan to bring our way of seeing this beautiful planet and to change priorities from a materialistic society to an Awakening to the Nature of the Earth. 

     Today is perfect for beginning this blog. Today after 8 weeks of pneumonia I was able to feed our feathered and furry friends in our Wildlife Sanctuary. Check out e-Awakening.com for much more information on our Gentle Farmers Farm. 

        Welcome to my life. Below is a short video of me feeding 22 Female and male wild turkeys.