It is time to walk the talk at

Here at we believe that commercialism and consumerism are the biggest contributors to the demise of this planet, the wasting Earth!

So we are taking all our work off Facebook, Youtube, and SoundCloud. The only place you will see our work from now on is on our website and our server Wistia. If you see our work anywhere else please send us the link so we can remove it*.

It was quite a shock for me (Dan) to see my song Antler Boy on Youtube followed by a commercial for hanging Antlers. Dead against my principles of preserving nature and protection of the Earth and all its creation.

It was also a slap in the face to hear a chicken ad after my song Lullaby for the Earth.

We are sorry that our work has contributed to the covert and not so covert selling of products that train our youth to want material wealth which in turn depletes and wastes resources. Contributing to an Earth that will continue to be degraded. understands that we must have a good standard of living and that people need to eat, drink, and have shelter. Comfort is good. Taking care of our own and our family’s needs is important.

But waste, pollution, and excess are stealing our children and their children’s future. This has the opposite effect of caring for our children and their future.

Please consider the message the media is sending you. Is it good or is it bad.

At e-Awakening we strive to send the best message we can. To reduce, reuse, and recharge, renewing our commitment to the Earth .

There was a time when people made products to last and to be repaired. Many people found satisfying and productive work mending and fixing and even creating products that would last a lifetime maybe even many, many lifetimes.

That being said, we at are dedicated to the protection and preservation of nature, this beautiful Earth, and all creation.

We are not sure how to reach a bigger audience but we will attempt to… through the only way we can think of without using commercial media.      

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Dan and Marilyn Brielmann 10/22/23

Note of disclaimer: Although Marilyn, my wife, partner and, the other half of shares many of my views and ideas she is an individual with her own mind and her own personal beliefs. All my views and beliefs do not necessarily reflect what she thinks and can not be considered in complete agreement with me. Therefore I want to be clear that my writings, posts and other forms of communication are my own and even though Marilyn contributes and helps me, she is not responsible or to be held accountable for all that I say and do. I love Marilyn dearly and we are very happy working together sharing our individual talents and ideas to collaborate in making the best it can be. Dan Brielmann

*(In some cases in special circumstances we have shared our work with others who use it on their sites)

We sincerely hope our deletion of commercial accounts will not cause any inconvenience.