Relbbogs’ Quest

To Save the Wasted Planet


Relbbog is on a quest to find the answers that will save the wasted planet. He’s being chased by the evil Gobblers who know that if he finds the answers he’ll destroy their wicked scheme.


It’s not all doom and gloom as one Gobbler shows Relbbog that they’re not all bad. Eve is smart, self-educated in book learning and has a heart that is hard to resist. The strong and brave hero of our story may just melt a little before all the dust settles.

The Gobblers

The Gobblers are wasting the natural resources of the planet. They seem to be led by the evil King Avaris. Their army with generals and spies are all zeroed in on one target ...Relbbog.

The Wasted Planet

In the beginning the wasted planet seems dry and hot, the air barely breathable; survival is what it’s all about. But as Relbbog searches, he finds the map. It points him in the right direction through the land of talking boxes, the village of the swirlums, the mysterious forest and the mountain of hope. In these fantastic places he meets unexpected character struggling to keep the planet alive.

For all Readers, this book:

    Is an enjoyable read with an important message

    Focuses on the environment making us aware of the 

    positive actions we can take to make a difference

    Develops and uses the imagination

    Inspires scientific exploration and inventiveness

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