November 16, 2021

GCC Project Description

Greenway Community Connections (GCC)


Alan French - - Co-Manager & Project Originator

Catalina Aycardi - - Co-Manager

Dan Brielmann -

Target Towns (MA)

Hanson, Whitman, Rockland, Hanover, Abington, Holbrook, Braintree, Avon, Weymouth


Project Significance

It’s undeniable that climate change and unsustainable growth are negatively impacting our communities, environment, and health. Local communities play a key role in finding solutions to these issues and advocating for environmental protection. Open-space and environmental initiatives that support community involvement are more likely to be aware of local needs, and are therefore more effective. Additionally, connecting these initiatives and sharing their strategies can strengthen the larger environmental movement. GCC will connect those who are passionate about environmental issues, and will support local efforts for environmental protection.

The Role of GCC Among Target Towns: Mission Statement

This project aims to support local environmental initiatives in Massachusetts by creating connections among individuals and groups involved in environmental/open-space protection. GCC will target several towns near Boston and analyze their environmental initiatives. This information will be shared among the target towns to: highlight the links between these movements, support ongoing initiatives, and celebrate the efforts of local communities in environmental protection. The role of GCC is to gather case studies and access the status of municipal planning for future environmental outcomes. GCC will spread that knowledge and create opportunities for people to discuss and participate in environmental and open-space protection.

Project Deliverables

I. Organize, Promote, & Host a Series of Local Community Walks in June 2022

This project aims to work with community members to: organize and promote a multi-day event for residents to walk through what could be a potential trail-route in their town. Each day will be dedicated to a particular town. This will create opportunities for community members to connect with their town’s open-space and engage with others who are interested in environmental protection.

Additionally, GCC will work alongside Marilyn and Dan Brielmann from to create videos of the event. This will help us document and promote the participation of local communities in open-space preservation.

II. Create a Document Compiling Data on Past/Current Initiatives Within Target

This document will use case studies and interviews to gather the tools/strategies used by local environmental initiatives. Case studies will discuss both the challenges and successes of these initiatives. This compilation of resources will be distributed within the target towns, in addition to being made available online.

Project Goals

I. Employ an Intergenerational Approach to Our Outreach Strategy

We recognize that regardless of age, we all have knowledge to share and an environment to protect. As such, this project will emphasize intergenerational outreach by targeting key community sectors such as: public libraries, senior citizen organizations, after school programs, established environmental groups, and youth organizations.

II. Encourage & Assist the Establishment of Local Environmental Groups

GCC will work with target-towns to facilitate the establishment and/or strengthening of local environmental groups (e.g. Friends of Conservation).


Anyone with information on local initiatives, activists, or community leaders that work to protect the environment (and/or advocate for open-space preservation) is encouraged to contact a member of GCC. We would like to interview those involved in order to gather information on the successes and challenges of these local initiatives.

Green Community Connections Project Description