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Music Video

Music Video

Music Video

Music is and always has been a huge part of my life and who I am.  Nature and the Environment is the focus of most of my music.  I write and record my own original music for all the videos we produce for the website.  This page has music I composed and performed  in 2021.


                                                                                  Daniel C......The Musician for the Environment

"Gateways Song"

In our newest music video, Dan's singing about some of the wonderful "Gateways" around us.  When we use the gates, we get to see what we have right in our backyards; all the plants, birds, animals and insects that we share this earth with. Dan was fortunate to discover a lot of these Gateways when he hiked the Bay Circuit Trail and we hope you'll be checking out the trails too.


We are fortunate to live where we can have a Backyard Sanctuary for our furry and feathered friends.  Music lets us our imagination take flight.  In this music video, we're sharing a musical conversation with one of our feathered friends.

"Earth Day 2021"

On April 22, 1970, we had the first Earth Day celebration .  A tradition that has carried on for the last 50 years.  This is Earth Day's 51st year.  We look forward to many more where we celebrate our increased awareness of what we have and how important it is to protect. We all share this beautiful planet and need to live in harmony with it. Let's join Dan and listen to the  special song he did to celebrate the occassion.  

"Lady Abington"

Natural rock formations are wonders to behold.  Abington Massachusetts is where Lady Abington was found.  Like New Hampshire's Man in the Mountain, Lady Abington was appreciated by all who saw her.  The Man in the Mountain     is gone because of natural rock erosion.  Lady Abington has a much sadder story.  It happened many years ago.  This song is dedicated to her and all the other natural wonders who have suffered similar fates.

Cities and Towns everywhere are losing precious wetlands, forests and open areas to new development.  Abington MA was once known for all its rivers and streams.  It was the home of a large beaver population.  There hasn't been a beaver seen in the area for a very long time.  We have a music video to share with you about the plight of our rivers, streams and open areas.  Here in Abington we are at a crossroads and our hope is that residents go to Town Meeting on Monday, May 24th. Please vote no on Article 13 and Article 28 to save our wetlands.

"Beaver Brook"



Just as these mushrooms are linked to one another and to the earth so are we linked to the natural world around us.  This is a special music video about how the world is waiting for everyone to awaken to the realization that we are universally connected to nature.  Next time you're on a hike, by a stream, at a pond or biking along a wooded road, stop ... take a breath.... hold it in and feel the connection to the nature around you.

Halloween Season is Here.........

Fall is in the air, leaves are starting to turn, pumpkins are popping up everywhere...... It's the time of year when leaves are rustling in the breeze and we hear Booooooo!!! when the winds blow.  We're here to  share a little goblin and ghostie musical fun with you


Happy Halloween

"Little Closer"


Music can be the window to our souls.  We can share so much through music. When music is combined with visual art, it can reach us in so many ways.  We're sharing our latest music video with you. We hope that the music and visuals awaken in you the realization of what an incredibly beautiful earth we have.

" Sky's the Limit"


The Sky's the Limit when you put your heart and soul into what you're doing. Here at e-Awakening we're always trying to create better videos.  In this story, we want to show you what we're adding to the videos we create.  We want to share our view of this beautiful planet that we call home through our video stories and music videos. In this feature we're combining both a story and a music video.