Dan 2022

Music Video

Music Video

Music Video

Music is and always has been a huge part of my life and who I am.  Nature and the Environment is the focus of most of my music.  I write and record my own original music for all the videos we produce for the website.  This page has music I composed and performed  in 2022.


                                                                                             Dan......The Musician for the Environment

"Once In A Lifetime"

"Once In A Lifetime" is Dan's latest music/video.  This is very special and we're excited to share it with you.  Our wish is that this song brings your own Once in a Lifetime images that you hold in your heart to your mind. As you listen to this song, we hope that you feel the joy we shared while we worked on this project together.

                     Dan and Marilyn

"Music Studio"

A Studio Update

Something new has been added to the e-awakening studio. Music is the core of  all the work Dan produces. He's able to strike the right mood with his original music bringing an added dimension and heart to the e-awakening video stories. His original compositions come from his musical soul. What he has just added is a full size keyboard with a myriad of effects.  He's only had it a few days and still has over 50 tutorials to go through but we're excited to give you a sample.

"Make Believers"

"Make Believers" is Dan's newest music video and we're excited to share it with you. He's incorporated a lot of new techniques that he's recently discovered both on his music and video systems. Our society is mesmerized by the constant barrage of information both true and untrue that's on our phones and computers so much so that we forget to get outside into nature.... into the real world...this earth, our home.

"Climate Emergency"

"Climate Emergency" is the latest music from Dan's Studio.This music video is a rallying cry for earth.

"Climate Emergency" re-sounds the alarm.

We need to act now

     This is a Climate Emergency .....

     This is a Forest Emergency .....

     This is Water Emergency .....

     This is a Worldwide Emergency!!!!!!

Our hope is that you share this music video with all your friends. Each of us can sound the alarm .... together we are strong

The Earth Needs Us Now