Target Zone

     When our friend Gary enlisted our help to fight a Gas Power Plant in our area we had no idea what that would mean. Long hours of preparation, interviews and cover video were just the beginning. This was a long time ago and we have come so far. The video looks good and the audio was the best we could afford at the time…and my music…well my biggest improvements have been with my music.

     But in some ways this could be one of the best pieces we ever did here at This battle…fossil fuel vs Solar and Wind power was won in Brockton Massachusetts.

     There were so many great players who got this team to win. And even though we were all individuals our united cause made us unbeatable. This could be a play book for environmentalists. All it takes is passion, consistency and a cause that brings us together. It is the cause of life itself. Building a healthy and natural world. The time for profit and unlimited growth at the expense of our children is over. All you have to do is believe and make it happen.

     This video proves that the good guys can win. When it comes to mother earth there is no stronger motivation than to protect and preserve her.

     I am so moved after 15 years to see this video again. To hear and see the heroes who spent so much of their time and energy fighting this fight for a better world.

     In a time when governments can be manipulated by economics, where the few can profit off the commons, and and the many pay the price. It is time for videos like this to inspire us to win our own fights, protecting and preserving what we love. Be it fresh air, clean water and a healthy environment.

     Here’s to environmental heroes everywhere who are working to make it happen. Together we will build a better world!

                                                            Dan and Marilyn Brielmann Abington MA. 6/15/24

Long Version 27min

Short Version 15min