September 27, 2022

A Historic Day for Abington, MA

In the Spring of 2021 we learned that the town of Abington was auctioning off many surplus properties. On investigation we learned that several were wooded, forested and wetland areas. Natural areas of ecological significance. One, 0 Chestnut, should not have been on the list and was taken off…

This is a time when Bob Pratt started the  Abington Friends of Conservation Social Media Community. As of 9/29/22 nearly 300 people have joined this group creating a significant alliance of people caring, and taking action, for our local environment.

With a vocal and immediate reaction to the auction, public awareness and activism turned the auction into an opportunity, to save several of these parcels, 0 Oakland, 0 Rockland, the Diane Circle area, and the 0 Chestnut parcel. All totaling nearly 90 acres. I would venture to say a historic and rare event in Abington.

This effort really started more than 20 years ago with Jim Dombrowski and others…An Open Space and Master plan also helped to pave the way to this recent record success in saving land for Nature and Passive recreation. So this dream of saving important natural land for nature was a long time coming.

0 Rockland was sold at the auction but the sale fell through. This opened the way to a connection and a recent town meeting vote to obtain two available parcels that will connect the Town offices and library land to this amazing newly approved Conservation Land which will be in the Care and Custody of the Conservation Commission in perpetuity. Abington Schools and all residents will be able to access this “Gateway to Nature” with plenty of parking and hopefully a nice trail showing us all, in the words of Marilyn Brielmann, “what it is we need to preserve and protect”.

The Special Town meeting vote on September 27th of 2022 was loud and clear. The rousing “Aye” for “Yes” filled the auditorium. A record number of residents showed up and it was obvious they were there to save these parcels…

This really can be just the beginning. The Chestnut Forest is still under threat of development as a Marijuana Overlay District and one parcel, 500 Chestnut has already severed a wetland area that drained into a rare and fragile Atlantic White Cedar Swamp which is designated Core habitat by the state and an area to preserve by the Old Colony Planning Council.

There is much to do to start the healing process of our beleaguered local environment but the goal is worth it. Without a healthy network of nature and watersheds we will not be able to sustain an economically sustainable and healthy environment. The future is ours to create. We can help paradise thrive and collect the benefits…or…

It is the mission of e-Awakening to bring awareness to this issue and to advocate for a healthy and thriving,     biodiverse, natural world.  

Today we shine a spotlight on the many heroes who helped make this great moment in Abington’s History!

Abingtons new Conservation Commission

Abingtons new Open Space Committee

Jim Dombrowski and all those who paved the way.

Scott Lambiase and his staff at Abington Town Offices.

The Community Preservation Committee.

Alan French of “Gateways to Nature”

Special Thanks to Alex Haggerty for his above and beyond support.

Thanks to All the Special Town Meeting members

No one has the answers but together we are the answer

                                                            Dan and Marilyn Brielmann,, Abington, MA. 9/29/22

Orchard Lane Properties

0 Chestnut

0 Rockland

0 Rockland

0 Oakland

0 Oakland

500 Chestnut Area Lost to Excavation

Presentation made to the Planning Board

On September 12, 2022 Dan made a presentation to Abington's Planing Board.  The focus was on the ecological environmental importance that is in the protective preservation in perpetuity of our forests, wetlands, meadows, streams...... all the natural areas  remaining in Abington.

Abington's Historic Vote

On Tuesday, September 27th Abington held a Special Town Meeting to vote on some important issues.  

In particular, Articles 5 & 7

needed a YES vote to put parcels of forested land into conservation for perpetuity.  The town rallied together giving a unanimous YES vote to both Articles!!!!!!!

A Big Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.