The Holbrook Town Forest

“Save the 32”

We at e-Awakening feel that video is a great medium to get your message out, show accomplishments and to give visual expression to your ideas.  This page is dedicated to the people in Holbrook who are working very hard to save this natural wonder, this woodland treasure for future generations.

"Holbrook Friends of Conservation "

Holbrook Massachusetts has people dedicated to conserving their forested areas.  In this piece, we want to introduce you to some members of the Holbrook Friends of Conservation.  We'll hear first hand from them about what they are doing, plan to do and why it's so important.  Other towns have formed Friends of Conservation groups too. If your town has one, you can join and if there isn't one, you can get one going. Frequently, we have been asked "what can I do, I'm just one person".  Becoming a part of Friends of Conservation is a great place to start.


The Holbrook Town Forest

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