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preservation of your local environment.

Here are a few ideas on staying safe on walks and hikes into Nature.

1.  Wear long pants tucked into socks.

2.  Wear sturdy hiking shoes that protect

     ankles and that are comfortable.

3.  Use insect protection and after a hike take a

     warm shower and comb hair for ticks.

     We wash our hiking clothes in case of ticks.

4.  Look but don't touch.......some plants

     are poisonous.

5.  Wear sun protection like sunblock and a

     hat....long sleeves protect arms.  Don't

     forget to protect the back of your neck from


6.  Wear a mask and respect other peoples

     space by staying 6 feet apart.  Masks can

     also protect you from pollen.

7.  Be observant and watch your step to avoid

     accidents and to enjoy the sights and sounds

     of Nature.

8.  Avoid walking thru tall grass.  Stick to the

     trail.  Step lightly on the land.

9.  Have fun learning more about Nature and

     then become active in preserving and

     protecting our environment.

Prepared for

Green Community Connections Walks

by Dan Brielmann of


"GCC - Whitman, MA -Video"

"Vest Pocket Parks", Green Community Connections, people making a difference are all part of this video story.  This piece shows that whether you're in a small town or a big town, there's land that can be preserved. Communities can connect in many ways.  They can share information on how they saved parcels of land.  One towns green space might connect up to another town's green space; a start to building a greenway.  There's a lot we can accomplish when we work together.