Green Community Connections

Green Community Connection

     Imagine communities coming together to help each other save parcels of land for Nature, wildlife, wild-plants, clean water, pure air, and peace of mind.

     Al French From Andover imagined “Gateways To Nature”. Getting people out into nature to experience and protect it.

     Kurt Buermann of Sharon Friends of Conservation imagined a Friends of Conservation Network who worked together to save Rattlesnake Hill.

     Abington was able to save some very important parcels by forming an Abington Friends of Conservation.

     Rita Cory from Sharon Friends of Conservation is working with Patricia Greely to help protect the Holbrook Town Forest.  

     Catalina Aycardi joined in and gave Green Community Connection a name and a description.

     Donald Cann from Rockland is organizing one of our walks where we will learn what Rockland has done and is doing to protect the Environment.


     Individuals, local environmental groups, all of us, who want to save special, beautiful, important ecological places are connecting  with our own separate identity, reasons, and goals helping each other, learning from each other, caring for each other while caring for the Earth. So that future generations and all of us, right now, will have places to go to relax, to wonder, to feel the spirit and enjoy nature.

     We are excited about this new website page.

     Connections are so important in our lives and this page celebrates Green Community Connections.  It's about communities working together, sharing information about how they're preserving the remaining forests, wetlands and meadows in their towns and how we can connect these conserved areas between towns.  We're looking forward to hearing what's happening in your community so we can share it continuing to connect with each other.

     Now, the time is right for Community Connections.



     Dan and Marilyn Brielmann, Abington MA.,