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Show #10

We have a husband and wife, Robert and Christine Gerzon for you to meet.  They teamed up to write a timely, inspiring book with a unique insight into the possibility of a very wonderful future.  They will give us a glimpse of what the writing process was like for them.

Show #11

On this show you will meet a man who is in tune with all the plants that grow wild in this area.  Ed Burr has  a different approach to farming and he will be sharing that with us.  We'll discover some very unusual plants some that are edible and some that have medicinal uses.

Show #12

On this show our guest is Zack Petti, a talented musician/producer. We have collaborated on a number of  songs and we'll get to see what goes into making a recording. We'll talk about how Zack got started and the different projects he's been involved with.  Music is a great communicator as we will see.

Show #13

On this show our guests are committed to doing everything they can to save their forest from logging.  They also have a lot of information about Massachusetts House Bill H897 which would protect all state forests from being logged.  Come along and meet an incredible group of environmental heroes