Land Conservation Videos

The videos below all have to do with land preservation.  Saving and preserving the remaining forests, wetlands, meadows, streams and rivers is the most important positive action we can do for the environment right now.

"Boxford &  Land Protection "

Land Preservation and Protection is one of the most important things we can do. shines a spotlight on people and groups that are doing positive things to help the environment.  This is a  video  from our archives.  We met some very environmentally active people in the town of Boxford, MA.  This is a truly inspiring story of what can be done when we work together.


"Green Engineering"


Preserving undeveloped lands is the most important thing we can do for the total environment.  It is vital for people, plants, animals, water and our air.  The trees are crucial filters in relation to the climate change crisis we are facing. We first learned about the concept of Green Engineering when Dan was hiking the Bay Circuit Trail.  In this video you'll meet Chris Tullmann who explains what this is all about.