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e-Awakening is a husband and wife team.  Click below to see what we’re all about.

Environmental Music Videos

Dan’s First Album

Music is a universal language.  For centuries  there have been troubadours and folk singers telling the stories of the times with their music.

We are debuting the first album of  original songs written and performed by 

Daniel , the Musician for the Environment.  The album has 12 + 2 songs

You will be able to view the songs individually or as the entire album.

An Update

Gateways to Nature

Bay Circuit Trail and

the Environment

Library Presentation

Click to see the Presentation that we have brought to over 40 Libraries over the last three years.  If you weren't able to join us at one of libraries, you can see the presentation now ......... So Come On Along and Join the Adventure Crew on the Bay Circuit Trail

Protecting and Saving forests, farms, the open spaces in our towns is what Local Gateways to Nature is all about.  It's about what we have and can protect right in our own backyards. Check this page out and see what people are doing to preserve our open spaces.

Preserving Our Open Land is Our Gateway to Nature

Our First Album


Gateways to Nature

Click above to see what we are doing to turn our backyard into a Wildlife Sanctuary for our furry and feathered friends. This is something we all can do. We hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do at your home.

Backyard Sanctuary

We have created a new Facebook Page.  It's Abington Massachusetts Gateways to Nature. A place to see what's happening with open space land  in Abington.

"Going From The Knowing to the Doing"

Daniel C...

The Musician

for the Environment

McCarthy Farm


An Environmental Hero

Thanksgiving time of year is here.  A time when we think about what we have to be grateful for.  e-Awakening wants to give a big Thank You to all the dedicated people who cared and helped save 80+acres of land here in Abington, getting it put into to conservation for us and future generations to enjoy.  We want to give a Huge Thank You to all the Environmental Heroes that we have worked with ..... you have all done so much...... Thanks Again to All of You!

We want to introduce you to this statewide network of groups and individuals who are taking action to protect our land and water to ensure a livable future for all life on earth.  This is a link to the Plymouth County Area

And this is the link to their main facebook page:

We hope you check out both links to see the great work the spotlighted individuals and groups are doing.

It's time to celebrate in Rockland Massachusetts! There was a lot of work the Rockland Open Space Committee did in conjunction with other groups and the town to get this spectacular property put into conservation.  There are properties like this all over. Hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered and saved for future generations to enjoy.  Let's join Donald Cann and see what they did in Rockland.

Rumney Marsh

Update from Ed Reiner

We have worked with Ed Reiner on a video in the past about a very important ecological environmental area.  It is Rumney Marsh.  Ed has been working in this area for many years.  He has recently written a paper updating up on the Rumney marsh, wetland area.  Ed has provided us a link to his paper and we are excited and happy to share it with all of you.  Here is the direct link to the report:

Click here to see our Rumney Marsh video with Ed.

Environmental Heroes Are Being Featured !!!!

Community Land & Water Coalition

Our Newest Video Story is Being Featured !!!!